In General

In regards to production assistants, commercially skilled and specialized personnel, medical or commercial staff and qualified or management workers: We will meet your requirements. In doing so, efficient and quality human resources management by means of on-site management, as well as elaborate consulting services and advanced training, are naturally a given.

In the area of temporary employment, JobImpulse can promptly provide qualified members of staff – according to requirements or without a time limit. This way, our customers are flexible in reacting to acute personnel shortages or other short-term developments and can profit from a highly motivated staff. This staff is treated in a fair manner, is adequately compensated for and continually educated. Next to the recruitment of skilled and management personnel, an internationally-active competent human resources consultation is one of our expertise’s. Our medical business area aids in acquiring health and care services staff in case of a shortage. We are especially proud of our long-term expertise in transnational collaborations. Our IT services offer complex human resources solutions within the IT sector – throughout all of Europe, on short notice and cost-efficient – concerning single specialists, whole on-site teams, or one of our near-shore labs, as well as the acquisition and adoption of entire projects.


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